#112 - Phantom Quartz
Fusion of: Beryl and Alexandrite
Weapon(s): A pair of crystal “brass knuckles” with switchblades at either ends.
Skills/Powers: Grace in battle and under pressure, endurance.
Personality: Phantom Quartz is a somewhat reserved gem, often worrying about making a good impression on others. She is most confident around her close friends and in the midst of battle. She takes pride in being a skilled warrior.

#118 - Chrysocolla
Fusion of: Peridot and Sodalite
Gem Type: Chrysocolla
Weapon(s): Flanged armor (note, flanged heels on the boots too!)
Skills/Powers: Chrysocolla can easily charge through enemies, their armor is perfect for smashing and bashing.  Headbutts are a must.
Personality: Sodalite and Peridot only fuse together in dire times and moments of extreme danger, so Chrysocolla is dead serious, and straight to the point.


I want this as a print immediately.

(Source: lomkimi)

#138 - Rosi
Fusion of: Carnelian and Morganite
Gem Type: Rhodochrosite
Weapon(s): Morning Star
Skills/Powers: Rosi possesses an amazing strength and fighting spirit. She is always open to new ideas and is capable of adapting quickly to unfamiliar situations on the battlefield. Both a strategist and a brawler, Rosi makes a formidable opponent that won’t back down so easily from a fight.
Personality: For the most part, Rosi appears to  be an even-tempered and confident gem with a penchant for leadership and peacekeeping. She is warm, likeable, and often smiling. In battle, she devotes herself wholeheartedly to fighting and is an unstoppable force.
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Other Notes: When standing up perfectly straight, Rosi is a little over 8 feet tall.


I finally made a Gemsona, Ruby! (jasjuliet is a summer child.) Her weapon is a dagger and she’s 10x more glam than I could ever hope to be :D


Just submitted the final version of calefacientcatnip and mine’s fusion, so here’s some of the sketches I made when we were planning her out, haha! 

#65 - Alexandrite
Fusion of: Dioptase and Bixbite
Gem Type: Alexandrite
Weapon(s): Halberd
Skills/Powers: Alexandrite combines Bixbite’s strength with Dioptase’s stealth to make her a speedy and hard to hit opponent. These skills allow her to swing her halberd around like it was nothing while she sprints past her opponents.
Personality: Bixbite’s happiness and Dioptase’s new found confidence give Alexandrite an uplifting personality. She’s quick and irrational, making her a threat to both enemies and possibly teammates. Everything interests her, but she tires quickly.
Other Notes: Dioptase’s personality doesn’t mesh well with Bixbite’s so any progress to be made with their fusion has to be done quickly before it falls apart.


workin on gemfusion with carnelian and onyx B^)

#106 - Tourmaline
Fusion of: Chalcedony (blue) and Alexandrite
Gem Type: Tourmaline
Weapon(s): Dual maces, one fitted with bi-color tourmaline, the other with blue tourmaline
Skills/Powers: Tourmaline is very good at being stealthy and unpredictable, and is able to confuse their enemies easily.  Gets frustrated easily with mistakes from other team members, sometimes making it hard to work in a group.
Personality: Very quiet and serious until you get to know them.  Usually too focused on missions to be social in fused form, but can be very silly and outgoing on occasion.